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Join Our Leadership Board!

We are currently searching for organizers to join our Board of Directors and help us plan the 2nd Annual Trans Resistance March on June 12, 2021 at Franklin Park. Board members are expected to attend monthly board meetings and spend 8-10 hours organizing for Trans Resistance throughout the month. Any more than two unexcused absences from Trans Resistance board meetings will result in possible termination from the board.


Fundraising Organizer:

  • Draft e appeal campaigns and one end of the year appeal, as well as identifying who should receive appeals.

  • Develop relationships with major donors and build their leadership as donors to Trans Resistance

  • Explore and pursue grant proposals to support Trans Resistance’s community programming

Finance Organizer

  • Pay bills, submit bills, and deposit checks

  • Maintain QuickBooks;

  • Prepare financial reports for board meetings on a quarterly basis

  • Collaborate with boards to create annual budget;

  • Balance/reconcile checkbooks and accounts

  • Maintain debit card records;

  • Coordinate with tax preparer.

Social Media Organizer

  • Create content for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

  • Create graphics for print and digital promotional materials

  • Collaborate with President to develop and manage the social media communication content calendar and strategy for the organization

Communications Organizer

  • Develop relationships with the media and serve as the media representative

  • Write and distribute press releases

  • Edit fundraising solicitations and other communications to members and supporters

Partnerships Organizer

  • Develop and maintain relationships with community organizations, with a special priority for Black, Indigenous and Trans led organizations

  • Support the presence of community organizations at the Trans Resistance March & Vigil

  • Collaborate with community organizations to plan the annual Trans Day of Remembrance commemoration in November.

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