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Trans Resistance Welcomes Nich McCaskill as Interim President

In late June, the Trans Resistance MA board of directors unanimously voted for Nich McCaskill (he/they), a longstanding member of our team, to step into the role of interim president. 

Nich has 10+ years of experience in activism and advocacy for the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities. They also work in clinical research, with a focus on centering BIPOC and transgender persons in mental health care. 

Nich will hold this position until June of 2025, as Trans Resistance moves to consolidate its focus and bring on new team members. 

Congratulations, Nich!

At this time, Trans Resistance also wishes to express gratitude to departing president and board member Julia Golden. After 3 years of service to Trans Resistance and 2 years as president, Julia has decided to step down from the board to focus on their Ph.D. dissertation work and other important life commitments. 

Julia has been a positive force for change, a pioneer in advocating for the centering of TQBIPOC, and a visionary in documenting and supporting LGBTQIA+ history.

We are honored and grateful for the work Julia did while at the helm of Trans Resistance MA. 

Thank you, Julia, for your years of service, leadership, and commitment to our cause. 

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