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Trans Resistance March & Festival 2024

Planning for Trans Resistance 2024 is underway, and more information will be available here beginning in February and March of 2024. Please check back soon!

In the meantime, make sure you check out our Instagram for updates, and browse the materials below from Trans Resistance 2023 for a sense of the event. 

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2023 March & Festival


March Safety

The march will be led by a truck and motorcyles from Moving Violations. A team of trained marshals will assist us in staying safe and following the route. The BPD is aware of our plans and will be at Stonybrook at 11 am. Our notifying them is required by law to host our event. Please disengage unless spoken to; if you don't feel comfortable or aren't a march leader, direct them to someone who is and follow the directions of the marshals and Trans Resistance leaders.

Festival Safety

  • Marshals will be present at Franklin Park Playstead to assist with any safety needs.

  • This year, we hired 10 unarmed, LGBTQIA2S+-identified security guards. We experienced a range of harassment and threats this year, and our insurance required security to grant our policy.

  • Please hydrate, eat, dress comfortably and for the weather, and have fun!

  • For safety reasons, we cannot permit anyone to approach the stage or dressing room unless they are performers.


We are very sorry to announce that we will not have golf carts this year. We will have two different sensory tents, ASL interpreters, an accessibility viewing area, mental health assistance, and accessibly tabling. 

Health & Wellness

PLEASE WEAR MASKS whenever possible! This is community care. It makes it possible for our siblings with disabilites to safely attend. We will have masks available for you!

Mental Health Support

A nonbinary licensed mental health professional will be available throughout the festival for attendees who need support. While not therapy, this person could be a resource if you'd like help navigating something that's coming up for you during the event. To access this resource, check in at the Mental Health Support sign near the sensory area. You can also check out several mental health organizations for ongoing therapy and support as part of our festival!


Some of the key resources that our provider may offer folks if they need additional support:

2023 March & Festival FAQ

How do I purchase a ticket? 
There is no need to purchase a ticket. The March and Festival are free and open to the public. 

What time does the march begin? 
The march begins at 11:30 am. We recommend arriving at Stonybrook by 11/11:15. 

I want to be a sponsor or purchase a table. How do I do that? 
Please visit the dropdown menu for this page and visit our 2023 Tabling page. 

How long is the march route? 
The 2023 march route is 1 mile in length. We will be walking from Stonybrook Station to Franklin Park Playstead. 

Where can I park? 
Parking at Franklin Park is extremely limited, and exiting will be difficult once performers and vendors have arrived. We recommend ride-sharing, carpooling, or taking the T to Stonybrook (if participating in the march) or Forest Hills (closest to Franklin Park) and walking the rest of the way if you are able.

Will there be any food? 
Yes! We are delighted to have a number of food trucks who will be featured at the event, including: Lobstalove, Gourmet Kreyol, and Bon Me!

What accessibility accommodations will be in place? 
We will have sensory areas and 'chill-out' zones at the festival, as well as ASL interpreters for our performances. We will also have accessible restrooms. The march will be supported by mobility assistance, including access to golf carts. 

When does the festival end?
5 pm. 

How will you make sure everyone is safe?
We expect a fun, safe event. We have a team of trained marshals in place to protect participants during the march and throughout the festival. We also ask our attendees to practice community care, and to be courteous and considerate of others. 

Will there be a livestream? 

Yes. We will livestream as much of the event as we can on Instagram Live, internet connection depending. 

Support BIPOC Trans Lives in MA

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