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Trans Resistance Fundraising Goals

Updated: May 3, 2022

Trans Resistance is about the impact we want to have on the community. This year we aim to fundraise $270K to benefit individuals and organizations that support our BIPOC trans and gender-nonconforming community. We have broken it up into three categories:

Trans Joy Fund - Goal $70,000

Fund efforts that bring our BIPOC trans and GNC community joy such as our traditional event, the Trans Resistance March and Festival: showcasing artists and creating an inclusive space that centers BIPOC trans and GNC individuals.

Funds will:

  • Pay all artists

  • Provide a stage/AV

  • Pay accessibility costs

  • Enable a free event for all

Trans Leadership Fund - Goal $100,000

We believe BIPOC trans and GNC individuals should be compensated for their leadership and volunteer work. Having the time to volunteer can be hard when you need to financially support yourself and professional development can be costly.

This fund will create a stipend for the Trans Resistance Board President for taking on such a role. Trans Resistance also hopes to promote and highlight other organizations that create leadership opportunities. This fund will also create scholarships for BIPOC trans and GNC individuals to cover the cost of attending professional development/workshops and institutes that are trans related.

Trans Community Fund - Goal $100,00

Trans Resistance wants to provide year round community events and programming. We envision offering community grants where individuals or organizations can apply for a grant should they have an idea, workshop, or opportunity for our community.

We are stronger, TOGETHER!

Total Fundraising Goal: $270,000

If you would like to donate to a specific fund, please indicate the name of the fund (ex: “Trans Joy Fund”) in the notes section under “What is this payment for?”

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